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Why choose Us.

It’s not easy to find the right beat or get in tune with your image. That’s why Backtrack works directly with you to develop a strong foundation designed for long term success.

Our Mission.

You need to be heard. Let us work with you to find your biggest fans and foster relationships with record labels and managers throughout the world. But first, let’s work together to build your career.

How We Work.

Communication is key. We always want to hear developments so we can cheer for you from the sidelines. Whether it is calls at 2AM or hour long developmental meetings, we are always here to answer any questions and quell any fears.

Artist Services


Let us work with you to distribute your music throughout the world. With our digital marketing strategy, experience personalized attention and care as we work together to plan and carefully position your next big hit in every store and marketplace.

Digital Artist Development

Work individually with our artist development team to analyze your social media, sales, and data to create an effective approach to help grow your fan base and engagement.


Using our extensive network, we can help take your music to both online and traditional radio to generate the exposure you deserve.

Tour and Festivals

Let us help connect you with our booking and festival partners to arrange and promote your next tour.


With our relationships throughout the entertainment industry, let us place your music into films, television shows, video games, and commercials.

Backtrack Artist Development


Let Backtrack work with you to create a strong base for your career.

It’s extremely hard to start as an artist in the music industry today. But you don’t need to go through it alone. Through our development program, work directly with Backtrack Specialists in order to cover an array of subjects and better understand the fundamentals of how this industry works.

Backtrack Specialists are here to create personalized strategies for your success. With our key partners, let Backtrack help in the distribution of your music, mastering of your tracks, and production of your next music video.

Most importantly, let us help you find your fans and build your social media by increasing consumer engagement causing more streams or downloads of your music. It’s never been as important to have a strong foundation as it is now. Let Backtrack give you the tools, resources, and undivided attention to get your career the attention and security it deserves.

Backtrack Data - How can we help?

Curious to know how our data analysis can help drive engagement, build personalized strategies and develop your career?

Well, let us explain.

In order to build a sustainable career, it is important to understand your fans and how they interact with you across all platforms.

Our data analysts synthesize and study your data, specifically looking at how different posts and songs generate unique responses in order to create an efficient and personalized strategy that further engages your fans while also expanding your following.

With the use of data, Backtrack enables artists to maintain complete creative control while using a carefully designed method to bring your music to people interested in furthering your career.

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    Data Analysis
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    Create Digital Strategy
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    Connect with our Partners
  • 4
    Expand Your Career

For any Partnership Inquiries or if you are interested in submitting a Demo please send to admin@btrackmusic.com