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Backtrack for Colleges

Redefining the Campus Experience Around Music
Why choose Us?

Digital & On-campus Engagement

We’ve integrated online and on-campus music marketing. Now, students will experience music through their unique campus stream as well as through school-sponsored events featuring our artists, music, and promotional content.

Why choose Us?

Expansive Reach Geared Towards National Exposure

With a network of over 60 schools, Backtrack College offers access to an enormous and hugely diverse college audience. Whether you want to test-market a song in one region of the US or introduce an artist to the entire country, we can match your needs.

Why choose Us?

Data-driven Metrics As Never Before

How does a song perform on the West Coast versus the East? How many plays does an artist get at ASU versus Duke? As students interact with our music online and in-person, we can generate primary market data on a macro and micro level.

College Features

Campus Stream

Each school will have its own, unique campus stream, accessible online. Through these streams, we curate and deliver music content to each school, refreshed weekly based on the supply of artists and demand from students.


Students will interact with their campus streams, voting on their favorite songs of the week. If an artist is trending for three weeks at a school, we’ll invite them to give a performance or interview on campus, hosted by our partnered student organizations. By voting and interacting with the campus streams, students are given a voice in shaping tomorrow’s music, as well as bringing exciting events to their school.

On-campus Events

Aside from hosting artist visits, our partnered student organizations will host student engagement events - including listening sessions and music roundtables - that create a communal and personal experience around music discovery.

Social Media Engagement

We’re rewarding college fans who take to social media. A student that likes a featured artist on Facebook or follows them on Spotify qualifies for our pool of free merchandise - added perks of posting and sharing music on campus.


From student voting and our gathered metrics, we’re able to create a Top 10 Songs chart for each campus. This not only allows for school tracking, but also establishes a unique musical identity for each school that encourages voting and expressing the student body’s voice.

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