Backtrack - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

All of your Frequently Asked Questions answered in one place:

Q. How does Backtrack ‘connect’ artists, labels, and managers?

Upon creating an account, every new user has to fill out a brief questionnaire. These answers are processed by our Advanced Matching Software which results in the Backtrack System, which creates a unique identity for each profile. Within seconds of completing signup, an account is matched with labels, managers, and artists throughout the world that best complements the user’s profile and interests.

Q. Does Backtrack initiate conversations between two parties?

No. Backtrack is a platform that centralizes the A&R process and negotiations throughout the industry. We do not serve as a representative from a label or management company, and thus all communication requires effort from both parties.

Q. How can Backtrack increase my chances of getting a record deal and a manager when there are already platforms like Youtube, Myspace, and Reverbnation?

Backtrack’s platform consists of managers and labels. While the other services are a great place to organize and release original music, Backtrack’s service connects undiscovered talents with interested A&R departments. As of now, there is no focus on selling music or generating new fans. Rather, Backtrack currently serves as the most direct and efficient method to gain attention from labels and managers throughout the world.

Q. Can I use Backtrack if I am not an artist or from a label or management company?

Simply, no. As of now, Backtrack is designed solely for the music industry. However, we have future developments in which we intend to create an application dedicated to music lovers.

Q. What if my label or management company is not accepting submissions right now?

Backtrack is not simply just for A&R. We connect labels and managers throughout the world in order to open new avenues for revenue streams, growth, negotiations, client promotion and brand distribution, and the expansion of your company’s industry contacts.

Q. What other platforms can I use Backtrack on?

As of now, Backtrack is only a web application. We intend to create a mobile application for iOS, Android, and Windows as soon as possible.

Q. What exactly is the difference between Spotlighting and Featuring?

Each month, one artist, label, and manager is spotlighted on the dashboard. This takes up the largest space on our dashboard, a feature Backtrack revolves around. However, Spotlighting is when Backtrack recognizes users and advertises them to the world for one month, for free. Featuring allows 45 managers, labels, and artists to advertise their profile on the dashboard, under the spotlighted section for as many weeks as the user purchases.

Q. Do I have to be a Backtrack Artist to participate in the Backtrack Incubation Program?


Q. When will the Backtrack Incubation Program launch?

Right now, the Backtrack team is working on expanding our relationships with managers and labels throughout the world. We believe that the program will be ready in 2015.

Have any more questions? Contact admin@btrackmusic.com and a representative from Backtrack would be more than happy to answer any question you may have.