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Backtrack for The Music Industry

A Platform Designed For Discovery
Why choose Us?

A New World

From examining geo tags to behavioral patterns of fans, we aim to measure followers’ propensity to buy concert tickets, digitally engage in a career, and tune in to them on the radio, creating new opportunities for growth.

Why choose Us?

It’s Business As Usual

Working with Backtrack is like having an in-house data department. Our team works to personally tailor reports to your company’s needs and objectives. We are not computers. We are people that relate, specialize, and curate reports to maximize the efficiency of strategic booking, programming, or marketing.

Why choose Us?

A&R Redefined

A&R is complicated and inundating. But it doesn’t need to be. Let Backtrack’s data analysts examine trends, commercial response, and digital engagement throughout the world so you can discover the best of emerging talent.

Industry Services

Data Consultancy

Overwhelmed with data? Let our specialists work with you to organize and synthesize any information you may have to help create a personalized strategy that best fits your needs.

Data Reports

Let our analysts compile data from ticket sales, the backend of social media, streaming and download reports, and press coverage in order to establish a concrete understanding of the developmental progress of an emerging musician.

Radio Providers

With our analysis of geographic engagement, streams and downloads, as well as digital following and fan behavior, we can work with you to discover and efficiently program artists into markets where consumers will have the strongest response and reaction to the music.

Booking Agents/Tour Promoters

With our data tracing social engagement, streaming and download reports, and previous ticket sales we can work with you to strategically book artists in markets where they will see the strongest return. Furthermore, we can work with you to identify the right price point and venue size to maximize profitability for the tour while minimizing risk.

The Platform For The Music Industry


Let Backtrack help connect you with the best emerging talent and work with you to create digital strategy that appeals to consumers worldwide.

Today, there is more noise than ever. There is tremendous risk in signing a new act, booking an act, or programing an artist that has never been on major radio before. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With our data and in depth analysis we work to identify global trends in addition to examining artists that have concentrated commercial appeal in specific markets. Presenting our partners with an unprecedented amount of analyzed data tailored to needs and focus, growth and strategy has never been as possible than with Backtrack.

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