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Backtrack for Sync & Licensing

A Platform Made For Finding Talent
Why choose Us?

A&R Redefined

With Backtrack, we personally work with you to select an artist that best fits your needs creatively as well as staying within the confines of your budget.

Why choose Us?

Science Meets Creativity

Backtrack traces data that includes the backend of social media, ticket sales, streaming and download reports, as well as press coverage. Using this information to complement the target audience of your work, we can help find an artist that doesn’t only fit creatively but is also relevant and popular to a specific age group, geographic location, occupation, and more.

Why choose Us?

Comprehensive Collaboration

With Backtrack as a partner, we can work with our artists to write and produce original music that best fits your creative needs. Furthermore, we cover distribution and share a backend percentage of that song with your company.

Sync & Licensing Features


Whether it is a major feature length film or a regional commercial, Backtrack works personally with you to ensure that the perfect artist is chosen.

Easy Economics

For all of our work and involvement, we do not charge an annual retainer or institute an addition fee. We take a commission off of the final licensing price, and look forward to working with you again soon.

Facilitated Licensing

Backtrack works to find and connect you with the perfect artist for your work. There are no blanket costs or upfront fees. Once an artist is chosen, we facilitate communication and arrange a price that is approved by the artist and fits your budget.

Creative Expansion

Let us help not only to find the perfect artist for you, but have them write and record an original song just for your company’s use. After the song is synchronized, Backtrack will distribute the song globally and give a share of the backend with you.

Data Driven Solutions

There is a science behind music selection. Just as a director films a scene a certain way, the use of music is aimed to elicit a specific emotional reaction. Using our data that traces direct commercial response, we can heighten creative judgement with information relevant to every decision both on and off set.

Sync & Licensing - How does it work?

Curious to know how we work and whether we would make a good partner?

Let us explain our process.

We begin by understanding your content and message. Whether it is working with your music supervisor, producer, or director, we aim to create a musical synergy between sound and visual content. Our next step is understanding and establishing a strategy for your music budget. Whether the project is an independent commercial or a major motion picture, Backtrack has the artists and resources to welcome and support content of all shapes and sizes.

Finding the right artist is our favorite part. We use data collected from streaming and download reports, ticket sales, and the backend of social media to identify the right artists for your project. From there, we present and help facilitate licensable content or we work with the artist to produce original music just for your project. Since Backtrack works directly with artists throughout the world, we are able to negotiate prices as well as organize the creation of new songs. For all original songs produced, we share a percentage of the backend of the song with your company.

If Backtrack provides a majority of the songs on your soundtrack, we can use our resources to help market, distribute, and publish the album. Rather than creating your own publishing subsidiary, let Backtrack help create another revenue source in addition to removing the stress of collecting and administering mechanical rights and royalties. Backtrack is not a publishing company or a sync agency, we are a company dedicated to our artists and want to create a new, more efficient and cost effective method to license music.


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